LinkTech from the Beginning

“Twenty-five years of hard work, dedication, on-time delivery, and ongoing support have not gone unnoticed.

The company has received numerous awards and accolades, including Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives citation, which declared that “the company stands as a role model worthy of emulation. . .” and that LinkTech “. . . has made immeasurable contributions toward the welfare of society and the community at large through a strong commitment to customer service and personal relationships.”

Ramon Melecio

Cristian Melecio

2023 Award from Business Hall of Fame

The Business Award was won once again in 2023! Professionalism within the trade.


This interview courtesy of 422 Business Advisor

Written by Kathy Hunt

The early days of LinkTech

 November 1, 1996, marked the first day of business for LinkTech, Inc. “It was me and my dad in a Volkswagen Quantum that had 350,000 miles on it,” Ramon Melecio recalls. In the early days both Melecio and his father went out on calls. “When I started, I had no idea how to run a business,” he said. “Prior to that, I had worked as a nationwide project manager at FasPak, handling major accounts with companies like All-State, Cingular (now AT&T), and Penske Truck Rental. Through my relationship with Penske, I was offered the opportunity to start my own business, working as a subcontractor for them. I had to think hard about this but, ultimately, I just went for it.”

For the first ten years Melecio juggled working in the field while covering the day-to-day business operations, including sales and payroll.

“There have been ups and downs because I didn’t know how to run a business at first,” Melecio explains. “Because of this, I made some good, but also some bad, choices, but I prayed, and pray, every morning before I go to work — I put a lot of things in God’s hands. From there I start making decisions and try to make the best decisions not only for me but for everyone who works here. Everyone here is like family to me. I know that they have bills to pay and people who rely on them. I understand their situations and consider them when making decisions,” he said. ……

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