Support & Warranties

Since 1997, LinkTech has provided reliable, on-budget high-performance data connectivity solutions and their capabilities continue to be confirmed by their customer loyalty.

Support & Warranties

As a Hubbell MISSION CRITICAL® Installer, we put your mind at ease about system success with a 25-year guarantee on the components, performance, and installation integrity of your structured cabling system.


How can organizations keep pace with rapidly changing network and Internet technology?

LinkTech offers extensive training for its customers on networks and various software applications. One thing that LinkTech does differently is that it allows its customers to attend the same technical training available to them from their business partners. This allows its customers to keep abreast of the latest technology.

LinkTech also offers on-site training to its customers at a convenient time for them. This is another way LinkTech provides added customer support. We work to a schedule that is convenient to the customer. We recognize that it is not always convenient to send key employees away for the required training so we bring the training to you!